listening to music all the time

listening to this rhythm and rhyme

the same songs over and over again

to chase away loneliness and imaginary pain

music is life and I am still alive

whatever comes I will survive

this is theme I keep repeating to myself

am I a forgotten book on a dusty shelf

when not listening I choose to write

life is a battle we chose to fight

do crows eat doves

does a boxer need gloves

do they know where they go

do they die high or low

do poets need pain

do cliches need rain

do players play a part

do random things make art

do memories remind

do relationships bind

do I need a clever line

does a poem run out of time


I am an underachiever

Some people are born lucky

My luck was born a deceiver

My destiny was full of mischief

Yet I stayed a hopeful believer

I am quite and quietly an underachiever

When life was supposed to go right

For me it went left and tight

Before long my plans were out of sight

Still I am a happy underachiever

My family loves me in full too

There is bread on the table for me and you

My God gives me a peaceful sleep I knew

happy birthday wife

happy birthday to my dear wife

may you be in peace free from strife

may you not be as sharp as a knife

may you have a long and enjoyable life

happy birthday to you my dear

may your life be free from every fear

may we always be close and near

may your eyes never have a tear

happy birthday darling please

i am full of affectionate words like these

not long ago I proposed on my knees

today we live together like wine and cheese

An unknown poet

I am an unknown poet

Nobody knows I can write

Yet when I pick up my pen

I can still write and surprise

I can wrap my words to a rhythm rhyme

I can pick. it up in tempo and time

When I die and pass away

Will anyone read the words I wrote today

An unknown poet an anonymous bard

Who lived loved and wrote his heart

Someday maybe I will write a famous song

Till then my friend simply read along