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Once Flying High,
Now Stock Prices Low,

Millions of families,
and millions of kids
Sweated countless hours
To make you go

The Average day for them
Was night
11 Hours a day
They were worked all right

So that their leaders
Could earn stock options so more
While they were duped
In offsites galore

Because Twenty four year old kids
Dont think too much
A decade later
They are considered too old to touch

There is still someone
Higher above
The CEO of a BPO
Who sets thing just

Enjoy the market crash
You made your dough
Now time to grow up

Stop bidding for dollar ten per hour
stop making kids work untidy hours

Have a conscience, If not
Assume you have
Stop making money
On blood of young lads

Give them a career
Rather than jobs lie musical chairs
Pay them atleast some more
Than a white latrine cleaner

Most of Companies of BPO
Owned by The West
Yet You allow abuse of
Our Country ‘s name without rest

Think about they are just brown boys
Treated like toys as they try to earn
Robbing White Peters to Pay peanuts to Brown Pauls
O BPO, Stop this merry merry go