Slum Dogs Come

Young slum dogs chipping away,

writing code,plugging away.

Take the place under shiny sun someday,

Slum puppies wont go away.


You let them in,

They are hungry for more, they stay,

Nobody ever gave them a break on the way,

Grew up fast,slum childhood wasn’t a child’s play.



Still here they are firing away,

Full steam ahead, and

Damn no Torpedo’s to dissuade.

Before you could pause, object

Cut them short saying Boy hey.


Slum dog walks away,

In his teeth , the shiny bone of the day.

Blood on his fur ,its there 

Long enough to stay.


The dog beens much worse,

 Much tougher days.

His brain the only weapon ,

he chooses to play.


Brain red hot, it keeps firing away.

That dog wont roll down, play dead, no way.

Been through much pain already this way,

Now numb, The Slum Dogs come here to stay.