Decisionstats| Miscellaneous Part 5

If you think that adding a seperate category for poetry and humourous articles is too much, well it seems the most popular articles came from this section., The poemon Michael Jackson continues to be all time 1, in terms of number of page views (I had hoped one of the interviews would be number 1), and the breakthrough article on Not using R is even quoted in Australia in a university course on data mining. lol!


Poem on MJ. Tribute. May he R.I.P.

2) Top Ten Reasons R language is bad for you. Satire and tongue firmly Continue reading “Decisionstats| Miscellaneous Part 5”

Poem: The Fine Print

did you read the fine print
when you signed your life away
or did you believe them badly
when they said your life was good to give today

did all the drums, the ribbons and the music
tilt your head to emotion away from fact
and did the inherent absurdity of it all
was swallowed by you intact

for as the world spins tilted
around the bright unforgiving sun
words in a language built to deceive
mask the coming pain below the frosting of fun

deception is the game here
and an unwilling player you have to be
fool them or be fooled in turn
reality is spotless for you to see

what old promises where tokens of love
it is all cash and carry now
as willed in your destiny from above

and even though eyes grow misty
by potential of what could be
you keep one eye on the rolling ball
lest more surprises it brings to see

Tennessee Rain

Clear rain falls  with a straight steady hum
On green Tennessee woods like a muted drum
The skies as if painted by a great gray brush
All around silence as in heavenly hush
Long ago long miles ahead
I left my home to earn my bread
Dusty lanes domestic remind with a nostalgic pang
Creating almost a deep throat tasteful tang
Tennessee rain so beautiful and forlorn
So exciting and yet reminds me I’m alone

Friday Poem: Live Music in Austin

Ok the events in the following poem really happened when I visited Austin, Texas for a business visit, and thanks to the Austin Post ( a new media Austin based site) for publishing it.


And you can read the rest at

If you like poetry, live music, Austin  ….