Poem: The Fine Print

did you read the fine print
when you signed your life away
or did you believe them badly
when they said your life was good to give today

did all the drums, the ribbons and the music
tilt your head to emotion away from fact
and did the inherent absurdity of it all
was swallowed by you intact

for as the world spins tilted
around the bright unforgiving sun
words in a language built to deceive
mask the coming pain below the frosting of fun

deception is the game here
and an unwilling player you have to be
fool them or be fooled in turn
reality is spotless for you to see

what old promises where tokens of love
it is all cash and carry now
as willed in your destiny from above

and even though eyes grow misty
by potential of what could be
you keep one eye on the rolling ball
lest more surprises it brings to see

Author: Ajay Ohri


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