Romancing Social Media

I tried I sighed I almost cried
Sent her facebook messages till I almost died
An impossible force my passion for her
Her immovable demeanor beneath her icy side

When fire meets ice there will be blood
Intoxicating romance leading to tearful flood
But that’s a square dance we date and dance
For loving and living always gives a second chance


Date Night

we met in a random eating place like panera bread

over tea hot and cold instead
of eating we headed home
thawed microwaved frozen food
had some white Californian  wine
on the tree shaded balcony we dine

inside the conversation turns warm and nice

dance the salsa and enjoy the fleeting moment twice
till the moment strikes some magic
we create art , create till it is comic tragic
in the bright light of the dim shaded light
we try to love forget our fight

all too soon time to go home

snap back to reality and stop some

with a future promise and maybe
dance again sometime sure call me

Used to Be

it used to be
I would wake myself
looking forward to what the day would bring

it is now the case
that each and every day takes
more than it can bring

my head is full of noises
that I try not to hear
when I close my eyes
the memories show me what could have been

my hands are numb, my back is sore,
my legs refuse to move
I rub my face, scratch my head
but it is too late even for me

there are no pills for heart ache
let alone a cure to be found
noises in my head are silent
eardrums pounded by droning sound

used to be
we sit together in silence
having a profound conversation
used to be

now we sit apart in anger
alone in our wonder of
what use could be