This Is It

IN HONOR OF HIS MUSIC and the release of This Is It A RE HASH POEM I WROTE WHEN MICHAEL JACKSON died but His music lived on.


Goodbye King of Pop Adios

An entertainer’s entertaining has come to stop

Moonwalking gloved and much beloved

Band of brothers 5 and Janet’s too

Dad of three and Husband of Two

Thriller was off the wall

Music Videos were so addictive

Almost Dangerous and Bad

Almost making Unbreakable History

Before fading sudden and plasticly aging

papparazi and unproven dark shadows chasing

Well then Mr.death is the only cure

To the fishbowl we  the world,

we put you in

hoping for one last toe straight spin

Knowing Michael , Entertain  heaven above

Pearly gates await the one with white glove

Duet with Elvis and dance with Diana

Be a kid like the way you always wanna


once in a blue moon
you may experience a black day
out of the blue
your plans and your blueprint will falter

your blue blood is no longer a guarantee
for continued red carpets and
being born to the purple no cure
to never feeling blue

you may blanche,turn pale, show a yellow liver,
you may be caught in an area so grey,
your face grows red in surprise,
your friends declare you a white elephant,
your friendship terminated without a pink slip,
a black sheep, with the balance sheet in red

wait till it snows
for white Christmas to come
for the white lies to fade
soon spring will be here
greener pastures, still waters beckon
to a world of color not just black and white.

Divorced Reality

if I could just shut my eyes tight
escape the world for a while I might
me and my divorced reality
enhanced by enfeebled diminished mortality

must come to terms with this news
having played my cards I accept and lose
surrender asunder to all those events
over whom i have no power to peruse

take a gun and shoot me in the head
watch me twitch until I am dead
perhaps that would gladden those estranged
historical affection now much deranged

melancholy I must reminiscence I will
to sleep perchance one more pop a pill

Getting on your nerves

This is too much, and that was out of line,

Some people get on your nerves

Like a LoL cat playing with twine


Manipulating perception, you say is okay

Disregarding your intelligence is not

Relentless selling crapola in turf wars fiercely fought.


Brave new world has all kinds of fair game

The world was always a stage

But with so many actors things wont remain the same


Enhanced volatility Higher risks greater rewards

Loud is the applause when you make the keynote

Louder will the boos when proud men fall.


Lions hunt better but hyenas feed better

because hyenas are better team players you see

Bearing agony of uncertainty, to succeed is ecstasy


Relax Rewind Recalibrate and Pause

Total up your material gains

Ignore your conscience costs


Snap and turn, go back to your comfort zone

Stories sell better

Poetry is a drone