What will happen

what will happen
what shall I do
will I get that job
what about my love life too
the weather could be better
it sure feels like it is worse
unsure if life has been a blessing
or secretly it was a curse
worry and ponder
depress but think
push away and  block
turn attention but blinkdamn I need more money
hey by now I should have been rich
look where lesser talents have rocketed
is not life an unyielding bitch

on and on monochrome monotone
stop pause attention and now
start enjoying the moment currently
future remains baffling but how

image- http://funstuffcafe.com/img/cool-amazing/swimming-babies-reflex/swimming-babies-reflex03.jpg

Poets and Hackers

analysts analyze bloggers blog but scientists research

if hackers hack and writers write why dont poets poe

or maybe everybody is a closet poet

some write prose some write code

some play in ones and zeros some play with images

some with video while most stick to playing with A to Z

we all have our favorite toys some we choose most are given to us

poets and hackers playjoes and crackers

choosing to play in a divine farmville playing till we slacken