11 thoughts on “Every Day for the Little Boy”

  1. There is nothing like the wonder of a child…the world, so fresh, so pure, so beautiful and wide…so much to see and to learn. I’ll admit, the font did kind of stumble me a bit, but unlike jinksy it didn’t keep me away from the beautiful scenery of the words. Well done.

  2. Deep In a maze of browns and blues,
    stands the child amazed at colors and hues,
    so many shapes so many lines He wishes,
    He could understand who made these swishes,
    His familiar playground is full of new wonders
    Daily Discoveries daily to ponder….

  3. You create a childhood sense of wonder to accompany the photo in relatively few words/lines. Love the opening… the emphasis on -maze in the first two lines allows me to picture the child wandering through the scene. Very nicely done.

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