Corporate Poems

We have clients, customers, channels, communications,
Products,People,Processes, Problems
Solutions , Software, Stories to tell
We are corporate
We toil and ring the economic bell
Metrics, managers, meetings, money, minions
Uniquely Innovative, competitive, creative,
Deadlines, Demand lines, at times Dull  and Dumber.
We grow old
comfortably numb and coolly number

Consumption, Compensation, Corporation, Circles of Corporate life
technologically enabled, technically nuanced, telephonic and tablet connected,
politically correct , professionally polite, people of the corporate
produce and create, promote and permeate.

Author: Ajay Ohri

6 thoughts on “Corporate Poems”

  1. Hi Father of Kush

    Beside your poem I saw the word Sarcasm.

    It is important to use a label like that, just to be sure

    For instance, when BP, adopts the lines

    “from the earth to the sun and everything in between” and
    “the best way out of the energy fix is an energy mix,”
    and Beyond Petroleum.

    I can see why you are concerned about lying.


  2. Corporate poetry. Very nice. I like the concept and the language.
    I love the edge that comes from running two ideas up against each other; I have some haiku for building and construction workers which I will upload at some point.

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