Hacker Poem

Hacking Poem
Digital salmon swimming alone upstream
Sacrificing sleep for bits of some dream
Patiently stalking impatient trolls
Denying web crawlers omnipotent stroll

Digitally Dividing and conquering
Masquerading charlatans of new age ball
Sheep like server waits for hacking hammer to fall

Amazing nights but boring days
Lord forgive us our digital merry ways
Going back to the day job in the morn
Keeping up appearances to earn bread and daily corn

Masking emotions daily outrage
Waging lonesome wars of rage

we are small but proud
forced sometimes kneel and crawl
hacker cracker phisher phracker
wont you be my friend after it all

by –
Ajay Ohri

Author: Ajay Ohri


11 thoughts on “Hacker Poem”

  1. I wrote this cuz you wrote that 😀

    Cyber Criminal
    Getting back to the hacking days, getting back to my cracking ways. Everything in the world at the tips of my fingers, if i want it, i’ve all ready got it. Make them sites bend to my whims, $dollorsigns$ drop cuz am Grim. I’m the reaper of the web, all my cyber bully’s dead, cuz that 401k just got KO’d. Oh no is whats said after its to late cuz i just sealed another sites fate, didn’t even have a first date. They try follow but pop that USB & gone without a trace, no need to even erase. Other demons of the web try to attack too, but just get whacked you fool couldn’t understand theres no wall of fire but striaght out DOOM. Leave nothing behind me but a storm of gloom. Oh snap back to reality whos that no name but number scan the bar & run the codes just be shown agent 47. Who know the master assassin of the web was out each day turning up more dead. Click or clack cyber ruler or vigilante. Still a master of causing & fixing disaster. Try to call me a theif bitch please am not even a shadow, can’t handcuff 2D. Get bend & broke then you’d know what its like to need & feed, We the crackers of the web are like vampires. We are faster stronger smarter quicker slicker & need to keep feeding on the whole wide world. Are blood run colds & are Drives run hot. Got called a pirate the other day, so slit the throat & threw back some gin to put on that sick grin, just because i know how to sail & make others hail doesn’t mean you have to fear go ahead come near, *BANG* opps trick this blackpowder isn’t that accurate but takes down whatever it touchs so make sure your not touching you touchy bastard, yea we take because we are never gave no matter what we give. Got called a hacker the other day, Check the skin bro i’m a cracker, *cough cough* want a virus? don’t worry its free. Just like everything if your willing to check under every rock, but we the legion only search the rocks with the answers no need to waste time. Watching me bypass is like watching a movie in lavascript your gonna get burnt. I don’t download no programs to spam, i build the code brick by brick you little prick, try to see around you’ll get bite.

    Just know what your doing cuz big boys have big balls but

    Operation Payback

    and your wreaked.

    I Are Anonymous
    I Are Legion
    I Do Not Forgive
    I Do Not Forget
    Expect Azarok.


  2. Hi, like the person above ^^^ I also was informed that you subscribed to my blog. Thanks very much, I’m glad to know that people are enjoying my writing, even though it’s only something I do in my spare time, and it’s fairly amateur 🙂
    I like this poem a lot, it’s very clever, and I love the rhyme.

  3. Howdy! I’m informed that you visited my blog, and liked what you read enough to subscribe. Thanks! I really like hearing from new readers, and I’m happy you liked it. I came here to check out your site, and must say, I like it a lot. Very spare and attractive format; it focuses attention on the material instead of the look of the site. I like this poem, too; it’s much better than most of mine, but I’m well aware of my limitations in that area. Any who, thanks again. I’ll be following your blog too, so I can hear when you post new work…take care out there….

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