Ones and Zeros

Ones and Zeroes
Villains and Heroes
Winners and Losers
Dancers and Bruisers

Cops and Robbers
Cowboys and Indians
Traitors and Patriots
Demons and Angels

Knights and Dragons
Hackers and Attorneys
Journalists and Advertisers
Lovers and Enemies
Heads and Tails

Different sides to different coins
All think they alone shall rule the world
Till the day comes and they look into the mirror
And see they have become what they used to detest

Christmas in Mumbai

Christmas in Mumbai

An experience unique

The faithful gather in church

Outside the maximum city buzzes on without a lurch


While Christians gather, pray and sing

Shops advertise sales , goods and bling

We may not be all Christians

But we sure can feel the joy

Is not Christmas just an excuse

to give your kid another hug-inducing toy

So we all wait and then sail out

Counting down the annual ritual

Christmas parties on this blessed day

In a spirit of renewal for what may come next year our way.


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An other Another

another night sleeping alone
deep down coldness seeping to the bone
another day spent adrift
another life maybe another shift

another christmas another excuse
go shopping go church restraint recuse
another year gone another lies ahead
on and on until this poet is dead

one more battle yet one more war
loneliness is near friends are afar
still hope stirs like warm blood to my face
another attempt in another race

we shall fight and we shall win
our virtue is stronger and so is our sin
another time we shall rest our head
long life ahead but we will struggle until we are dead


Too much noise too much sparkle

Too much make up too little crackle

Annual shopping festival or is it Christmas

Too many people buying too much stuff they will never need

Too many people unable to buy anything they need at all

The Light of the World dimmed by Xeon Shopping

Noise all around

Fake show of happiness surrounds

Join them Join the party

Until next year reality bites back


Truth and love must prevail over lies and hate
Forget these watchwords, redeem your fate

There’s always something suspect
(No one including God was born perfect)

continued- about an intellectual on the winning side
But it is or is it better to be rich- only to end up with the losing ride

what the heart thinks, the tongue speaks
Decades of tyranny overthrown in weeks

The axioms you wrote, the people chanted aloud
Mr Havel take a bow, you made Czechs proud

The tanks were rolling out – the Stones were rolling in
If only we could redo that potion , liberty was never a sin.