this message should you chose to accept it
is fraught with danger demands and double speak
at risk of losing thread of continuity and my diminished popularity
this message promises to make you think

encryption requires two keys public and private, primarily
each key can be broken inevitably

what you must strive
on what rush you intend to thrive
the time of breaking your code must be set to maxed delay
maximize the costs  create a war of attrition array

messages may pass through mediums
unknown unthought unprecedented unseen
ancient and modern created somewhere between

to fool linear nonlinear and stochastic machine learners
introduce random noise or pseudo-random creators
choose your tools wisely
you are outmatched out-funded from the start
think like the mouse stuck beneath a bullock cart

encrypt to fools panting to decrypt to decipher
this poem will auto destruct in 3 seconds
from your brain
never to be seen again

Author: Ajay Ohri


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