Deep in thought

As life passes me by

Opportunities abound

but I neither care nor I try

Of what use is
This daily drudge
And now I sound
A man with a grudge

Against these forces
That have made me a slave
I may go through the motions
But it is freedom I crave
 A carefree mind
Without a thought
Of the responsibilities and tasks
Each day has brought
Live life
Not exist like a worm
I am cool outside
But inside there’s a storm
I want to laugh loud
I wish I could sing free
Oh what would I give
To drink and be merry
And as I race
This merciless time
I wish I could commit
The ultimate crime
Of walking free
From this alluring grind
With tomorrows promises
Does it so strongly bind
And as we pass

These golden days of our youth
With nose to the grindstone
No time for the truth
In a self delusion
That enslaves us all
For the promised bright future
Today we do crawl
Johannes Kahrs artist from Germany. Untitled (man crawling), 2010.
Front crawl













From the e-book Corporate Poetry

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Crawl”

    1. I wrote these words when I was 24 (ten years ago), in business school, and looking at a career in corporate life. I may have been tipsy too. It was not so bad, but that’s how it feels now.

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