The Lover

The Lover

Your emerald eyes,

Like dewdrops glistening on green grass.

The shine in them,

Is like the twinkling of the stars.

You’re ivory skin,

Reminds me of the moonlight.

Like a gorgeous lily

Colored in silvery white.

Your sunkissed hair,

Blowing gently in the breeze.

I do not look long,

My breath may freeze.

You’re sideways glance,

As sharp as a knife.

Like a Greek goddess or a marble sculpture,

Brought to life.

Your poise, your grace,

Guides my moving pen.

Your beauty brings out,

The poet within.

The tinkle of your soft voice remains in my ears,

Long after you are long gone.

Your memory drives me crazy,

Makes me want to break out in a song.


Alas, my dear

I am in love with your beauty

But not with you.

This sounds like an obsession,

For this love is not true.

I am a passionate man,

With much passion to spare.

As soon as you leave my thoughts,

Someone else is already there.

Author: Ajay Ohri

5 thoughts on “The Lover”

  1. Uhm I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything… But I couldn’t help noticing the URL for the poem says ‘Most beautiful girl’… And me being already self-concious it made me think that because I don’t have bright green eyes or ivory skin… That I’m not beautiful.

  2. hello! It’s Leanne here. We met at a party on Anjuna Beach around New Years day. We were dancing together and i told you I did Reiki. I hope that jogs your memory. You poety is lovely. you would not think that English was your 2nd/3rd language. Keep up the good work! I have left my email address but I will post my blog when it is up and running and I would like you to feedback on my writing too.

    All the best
    love and light
    Leanne x

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