Fake it after you make it

faking it is an easy way

super glib liers hold sway

giving in to the temptation just a moment takes

We all hover on mediocrity waiting for our breaks

being clever is being faker than being creative

and not everybody can lie through their teeth

some of us have to be the atlas who dont shrug

and some of us have to listen to the fakers while we seethe

to thine be true

but while selling yourself be false and project

lest you end up in a plateau

and think i could have been a contender but now i regret

if writers need to write more and actors need to act more

would poets need to increasingly poe

the marvelous logic of language and syntax

all enable , if unable to disable, your emotional flow

fake it after you make it

tis simple and easy to be true

to be great at being yourself is easy

to be someone else would be to lose–

I have my fans you have your fans

someday your fans will work for my fans

or the my fans will work for your fans

or they all will find someone else to deify and defy

wont they, the little monsters

Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “Fake it after you make it”

  1. Ajay….this is cool. I like the way you wove phrases and cliches together with bridging words to regularize them into the sense of the poem. And, the sarcasm, though subtle, comes through well. Can’t wait to see another one!….one small critique: the spelling of seeth, in the second stanza, unless intentional, is more correctly ‘seethe’….it doesn’t detract from the power of the poem, and probably only caught my eye because I do a lot of proofreading. If it was intentional, so much the better….I don’t trust anyone who only spells one way… 🙂 Take care….

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