Dear Son

Your life has just begun

While I am half done


By the time you reach

An age old enough to understand

These words I may not be there


So in the vain hope

that all fathers have had since time began

I hope you grow up to be a fine and gentle man


Understand why I had to leave

Even though my my heart did bleed

It was better to be afar and grieve


Read these words not with sorrow

or anger or pain or any cliche of an adjective

emotion they taught you in school


Just read them

as the words of a father

reaching out in time

Holding his digital hand

for his son to hold


and walk in cyber space

if but for a minute in silence

Father and Son

Man and child



Thank You


27 Jan 2012



Author: Ajay Ohri


15 thoughts on “Kush”

  1. My parents are still alive and well, yet I still have learned that I should appreciate every ounce of advice they give and every moment I have to be with them.
    When your son is old enough to understand your words, he may not yet understand the gravity of them. Age will account for that but he will know your language, from the moment he could read.
    Never miss a moment to tell your son how proud you are of him. At 21, when my father tells me he’s proud of me, I live in a euphoric state for days. Hug him tightly, love him madly and be the father he will turn to, even in his oldest days.

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