Port Wine

I think I have had
too much port wine
I shall give you what you demand
Doing something unprecedented
Your poetic wishes are my command

I donot how I got this ability
to mess up words like a dance
But given enough time I shall
break my way in your mind,
even with half a chance

I think life is lovely,
I think too much I think
Too many times beauty passed me by
While I succumbed to the urge to blink
That  was your cue to ponder and think

Port wine, great movie and solitude
make a dangerous drug for
creatives to overdose on
you may struggle or you may succeed
but when drunk I am the Don

how can I end this sentence
end the song without
letting you down
I know all the tricks, all the cuts
omniscience makes lines on my pretty forehead frown

ah I know I end with a toast
lest these ramblings
end up like a comic roast
a toast my dear to the unknown reader
devouring eyes, literary feeder

a toast to port wine
too expensive
rouge colored but
tastes just fine

Author: Ajay Ohri


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