Self Pity

of all the drugs ever sampled by humans

self-pity has the most addicted

once bitten you cannot stop

inertia doubt medication leave you conflicted

you yourself are the victim

found guily and convicted

of all the schemes depravations

and misery ever depicted

till one day you have an ephiphany

a burst of sunlight in your mind reflected

this was not what you used to feel

this was not the life they predicted

you can struggle and win

get this addiction duly evicted

self pity equals self pain

too much already  inflicted

smell the roses

live life unrestricted

self pity is for self losers

you can be a winner in time duly depicted

lest these words leave you

too much of a self effort constricted

heal thyself life is too pretty

for you to be so self afflicted

Author: Ajay Ohri

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