Unnerving the way I use my words

Undeserving the way you like them

Unfulfilled my journey through these times

Unknown where it ends with these rhymes

I am the one your mamma always warned about

The one you never thought you could do without

Now I am here on your door looking in

Will you rise or will courage fail again

Unloved these words I used to churn

Unable to find the courage to learn

Unwanted Unabashed Unacceptable

Unaccustomed Unperturbed Unsatiable

Violent Acts

Take your gun

put it on my head

caress the butt and cock the hammer

squeeze and fire unload I am dead

Take your shield

raise it high

then bring it down

watch my mouth fly

Take your lying mouth

turn and twist me around

then release and let me fall

free falling to the ground


This day

This day

A concept

This planet

Same Place

As last year

Around it’s star

This week

Six Days

God took

and rested on the seventh

So we need one day of rest too

As passed down by the lords

who ruled us before

This month

This season

Local customs

Local words

But all derived

from sun, moon and crops

This year

This fateful year

When we did something


do one ever thought

Of doing before

This life

A handful of years

Smaller than eternity

is All we got

So we begin

To live and love

This day


Tucked in a hospital

neatly sanitized

Stowed away from society

in a medical compromise

Between the forces of destiny

, decay and medical molecular action

Awaiting the prognosis

as I am soundly exorcized

Grand delusions

realistic illusions and

promise of hope

Lift my mood

when every other

chemical has tried and failed

Prayer helps, so do

online afar friendly people,

Hang on buddy, get back on track

after being derailed

We need you more

than your needers did

We love you more

than any of your lovers will

Your dreadful prose,

mundane wit, hilarious code

Have made you a

daily part of our life though online still

Blog on, dog gone,

be inspired, be still

Calmly heal, than slowly mend

We will wait with patience

Till your hospice stint will painless end.

originally written on 3 March 2011


The older I get

the faster I realize

I have been just told a lie

By people I happen to love

The good thing is

the older I get

the more forgiving

my love becomes

The older I get

The more I realize

faces can be pretty

hearts can be ugly

The good thing is

the older I get

my face becomes ugly too

helping me accept the ugly hearts

The older I get

the more I realize

that life is a journey

which should be enjoyed

The bad thing is

the older I get

the shorter my journey

is going to be