Cafe Leopold

Deep in the city, a cafe old

Cozy, familiar, dear Leopold

Brave veteran of many liquid wars

Still smiling, shining through the scars

On the wall, seven wonders take heed

Opposite them, legends and singers frozen mid-deed

Visibly sparkling, energizing in a golden light

No music, but the cacophony is still an awesome sight

As I look around

Drink deep the sound

Only one here with my beer alone

To listen to my familiar drone

I wish I dream I think I parry

Crossing items off my list, no hurry

Drink with you at Cafe Leopold

Place for friends, legendary watering hole

Reading images, sipping beer draught

Slowly sinking, in cheerful thought

Laugh and Smile, walk this mile

Leopold is open, come sit for a while


Author: Ajay Ohri

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