Some Sci Fi by Kush U

For change, 3  very short science fiction short stories rather than poems, on this glorious day when the NY Giants won!!!!


A short Collection of Science Fiction Stories-


WIRED- by Kush U.


I am a schizophrenic. I think too rapidly and sometimes I lose touch with reality. In the good old days you could call me crazy or plain nuts, but nowadays they call people like me disabled. In doesn’t really matter how helpless or special you think I am, I got some things good and bad that I was borne with like everyone else, and I am okay with it. Some people grow up to be fat, some grow up to be too short, me I just think too much.


In the 21st century I would have been pretty useful at many things but things have evolved in the 23 rd century. Scientists discovered that with all the progress humanity made, the babies that grew up with different neuron-transmitters wired were really useful for some special tasks.


Like creating art. Creating philosophy. Or Just thinking differently. There were lots of practical usages to each of these with tremendous economic potential.


Like create new kinds of software code or hardware chips. Or new kinds of music that 24 billion people paid a dollar (still!) to download in the 24 th century..


And the sex was good, because people were curious to those wired different.


ANCIENTS- by Kush U.


“I hereby call the Council to order”, said the Dear Leader. He looked around at the various members , nodded imperceptibly and continued.

“ As you know, this is time for our millennial review. You can bring up any and all issues for discussion of the past millennium and we can set the path for our believers for the next time period”.

“I would like to go first”, said the Hindu God, Vishnu/ Buddha. “Vishnu-Buddha has the floor”, confirmed the Dear Leader.


My believers grew from 1 mille to 1800 mille this millenium, and probably we grew the fastest. Yet large numbers of our believers are still very poor and they suffered a lot in the last time period. I propose that we be the dominant civilization in the Solar System for a change”.


And so it starts, thought the Dear Leader. The Council of Gods with its millennial review in which Gods and Fused Avatars competed for interests much like ministers did in an earth government or vice-presidents jockeyed and lobbied in a corporation.


The Dear Leader Smiled. “ Ok , We will put that on the agenda for discussion, and go through our normal process of consensus. Do the other Ancients of the Council agree with Vishnu-Buddha”.


Almost immediately, Allah-Mohammed and Jesus-Moses erupted in protests.


And Dear Leader Smiled even more.




ANON by Kush U.


The head of the FBI looked at his colleagues across the round table ,and cleared his throat before beginning his address. With members of the European Digital Police, the Tokya Self Defense Force, Indians, and Russians, the round table looked as colorful as a cocktail salad of shrimp and cocunuts.


“We believe we have found out the founder of the hacker cult Anonymous”, said John Edgar. The table broke out in smiles. God bless the Americans and their technology.


“So , Comrade John”, said Vlad Amir, head of the Russian delegation. “ Would you be kind enough to tell us , who founded it and how you can be so sure you have the founder. The last year your organization raided atleast 6 different branches of organizations named Anonymous, only to find that they were self help groups for Gambling Anonymous or Alcoholic Anonymous”.


John Edgar always found his Russian counterparts the most taxing partner in the annual conferences that were arranged by the United Nations Digital Security Council.


“ Yes, well this time we have checked the digital records, and matched the geo-location multiple times”, said John Edgar. “ The only problem is we can not prosecute him”


So it is a HIM, smiled Yvonne from the Israeli delegation. But the Chinese Wall Fire members did not smile. “ Why cannot we prosecute HIM, I mean we can shift him to any country on this planet if necessary”


“Well, our Intel suggests that the founder of Anonymous is Charles Dickens in Tale of Two Cities , with his Jacques movement of the French Revolutionaries. The cute masks for V for Vendetta were just a marketing ploy by Rupert Mud’s marketing department.”


“And Dickens was dead. You could not extradite, do a rendition, interrogation , prosecution or whatever-the fuck-ication to a dead anon.”, concluded John Edgar. “However, the CIA and NSA are working on THAT technology. And our research is showing good results”.










Author: Ajay Ohri

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