Homo Sapien

Range of the Homo sapiens

If I could kill this desire

this raging fire that sometimes takes me higher

To be more like me

and less like you

I would be richer But sadder

Outwards winner Inside madder

I am angry that

my famous logical format

My rational analysis

had a Emotional Paralysis

I am so angry now

I still have the biases that

my predecessors programmed in me

And it can still be annoying

to debug these biased bugs stoicly

I am not a crazy Indian

I am not tanned brown

I am not a stupid  male

I am not a funny clown

Ergo Homo Sapien ( or I am a human)

Is that too hard for you to understand

I like building huts

rather than castles in the sand.


Author: Ajay Ohri


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