My Valentine Poem

My Valentine Poem
Is dedicated to all those
Who feel the urge
to do something!!
on a Thursday!
because the rest of the idiots in the world
are doing it too!

Sweet Valentine
Take away my money, heart and time
Let us meet and talk  superficially
Laugh at each other’s jokes
and flirt casually

Sweet Valentine
Life is easy Love is tough
On this day we try extra hard
Like little children
Trying to walk for the first time

Sweet Valentine
Fall in my arms
Wont you be mine
Sunday we watched football
Thursday we watch Valentine

Author: Ajay Ohri

14 thoughts on “My Valentine Poem”

  1. When the intimate silence forms in a single space and it is forgotten what day it is, it’s least likely to be February 14 though it could be on another calendar in a distant galaxy. It’s not known if they have chocolate.

  2. This is a brilliant poem. I also wrote mine as an anti valentine. It is all about money these days. I cannot equate a martyr stoned to death with declarations of love…or just call me old fashioned?

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