Leaving Mumbai

(A guitar song)




Steel Grey Sky


Eyes that lie

Hurrying home

Every Day


Bombed out scars

Spirit of the people

And all that farce


Till we meet

You never sleep

but I have to eat



You are ageless

I grow old


Arabian Sea

Nice to know you

but now we shall see

Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “Leaving Mumbai”

  1. You say good bye but I have never met her!
    Maybe if I was dipped in her rivers’ water I would get better?
    You speak with knowledge of that which I can only dream of
    I have ideas in my head of flashing eyes colourful saris and a white dove.
    Call centres, flashing smiles, diamonds and gold bangles and peacock cries
    You have knowledge and say goodbye I can only dream of Mumbai!
    Yet again you inspire me!

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