The Genius

The troubled creative genius

Sits alone on the computer

Thinking of clever words that

Will get likes, retweets, comments

That will bring him no money

But massage his ego enough

To keep his rather low self esteem

Alive for another day

So thoughtfully

and always maintaining the proper

artistic posture and thoughtful demeanor

He taps his keyboard

Hoping to create magic

or atleast see if he is unable

to escape his insecurity

his creative verbosity

One more time

One more poem

Alone as always

But for the moment at peace

The troubled misunderstood genius

Is less troubled

and less of genius

than his ego will permit him to admit

However it is

sometimes fun and addictive

to wallow in your  self-pity

To get some attention

To pretend however fleetingly

That you are being loved

When actually

People are just too polite



Author: Ajay Ohri

7 thoughts on “The Genius”

  1. Great poem. That is the artistic dilemma, isn’t it? Should you produce stuff YOU like, or stuff EVERYONE ELSE likes? To me, art unshared is satisfying for only so long. If a tree falls in a forest…

  2. Mock away, my good man…. genius makes its own rules. I think we all have a touch of genius in us; we just don’t spend all our time there. And I have to contest your statement, “we are all equals”; people have equal rights, but not equal abilities; we are equal in the eyes of the enlightened, but it is folly to believe that we all have the same qualities, for we are reminded of that on a regular basis. Be strong, and stay creative; in the end, that’s all we have…..

  3. Is that genius or just reworking other people’s thoughts and words. It seems to me that in today’s world the word genius is over used. Just my thoughts.

    But I like the poem! Keep it up.

      1. My daughter is a genius. Entered college at 12 finishing her PhD next year at 19. But creative? Rarely! Great at theory, logic and such but creativity escapes her.

        I got the mocking tone, hence my comments. Nice piece.

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