Trying to write

I am trying to write a clever poem

I am trying hard not to suck

It seems I am out of practice

It seems I am out of luck

Poetry demands attention

Art demands respect

It seems I have been lacking

Attitude mildly incorrect

We all write stuff  for money

Poetry we write for free

And for the friends across the sea

Poetry an excuse to talk to me

There are mild advantages of being an occasional poet

The ladies all swoon when I mention it

I am a poet and quite single too

My poems are an amateurish hit

It depends how you deliver them

The words of  poem and prose

Look deep in my puppy brown eyes

Better than chocolates or rose

Enough jest  enough jokes and limericks

We have to get back to write

These daily struggles within my mind

We  now get upto fight

Still if we managed to

Entertain you if but for a while

We didnt do it for free we got our just rewards

We liked to see you smile.

Author: Ajay Ohri

4 thoughts on “Trying to write”


    From the start
    It surprised me
    From day one
    When it begun

    I tried to keep
    My thoughts in line
    Hoping to survive
    My doing time

    Maybe read
    Occasionally work out
    Instead it happened
    Words that shout

    Now I do it
    Most every day
    Write the words
    Write the say

    So, if you read
    These thoughts of mine
    I hope they help you
    Pass the time


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