Deep in the depths of the Internet crawl
An omnipresent creature, please welcome the troll
Hungry for attention hungry for love
Like a dog wanting a pat on his head above

The troll can be a nuisance
and sometimes it can be fun
The troll exists everywhere
The troll is everyone

Who ever spent time
More with a computer than fellow human
Hoping to find anonymity comforting
While doggedly chasing someone

Troll on til you get it right
Click those buttons still inspite
The voice gnawing in your head
That says trolled enough- now off to bed

Author: Ajay Ohri

6 thoughts on “Troll”

  1. As I cannot simply ‘click’ a ‘like’ button, I shall tell you how much I appreciate your poetry…and how beautiful is Kush. I had sons of my own, until they passed from us…they were both beautiful children, as is Kush.

    May he be yours and safe forever…as my heart speaks.

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