Enter Title Here

Enter title here

Blink blink

Goes the cursor

Think think goes the writer


The  empty white page

Devoid of anything but the cursor

An optical illusion

Since the screen is actually black

For a moment

hell said hello

Have we met before

Here is my card but call me soon

Lets be clever

Lets have some fun

Would you like fries with this poem

Or a drink

Tired Sleep Love


Medicated Musicated

Blink Blink goes my eyes

The moment of truth

The moment BEFORE the moment

When heaven paused and gave me a peek into

how beautiful life could be

The moment I dreaded

The moment AFTER the moment

When all we had to do was clean up

another fine mess we had got into

and brusquely

say mutual goodbye

Oh at least

we think we tried



Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “Enter Title Here”

  1. K-Very nice poem, tight staccato rhythm sets the tones for the poem nicely. Love the line “For a moment/hell said hello” clever line that also loved “Medicated Musicated” mmm! that’s excellent.

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