In the library there is hushed silence

As if to compensate for the mental gears creaking

The pages casually turned and

the noises kept artificially low

I play a game called

Watch the people  act

and pretend you can guess

What the people think

The casual flirting, the discreet crushes

The devoted learners, the distracted people

Of different shapes and sizes

Like apples in a big big orchard.

In the library is a great place

To put at hold

your reticent procrastinating  laziness

and finally write some words

People pretending to be absorbed

When they are actually getting bored

In the library, I can meditate

On the casual hypocrisy of human nature

Art by Nic McPhee ( at

Author: Ajay Ohri

4 thoughts on “Library”

  1. K-nice poem, liked the line “to put at hold/your reticent procrastinating laziness” languid soft and slow like the library itself.
    I did have some trouble with the 2nd line first strophe “As it compensate…” You could write “As it compensates” but as long as I’m playing editor I’m thinking you mean ..”As if to compensate”…or perhaps “As if in compensation for..”
    Ayway bla, bla, bla, hope I’ve read it right and not offended. I think the poem is quite strong over all with clever word usage and good imagery.

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