Shrewd Poet Society

deeply addicted to poetry

my friends think I am crazy nice, see

they think when i write about words loud

my head is sailing above the clouds

my dear poets are shrewder than you think

they just pretend as they blink

hem and hee and dont tell you how

they have an inside edge on the emotional wow

so you may be an architect and YOU may be a doctor

while I may be the bum that nurses my beer

when it comes to women they line up round the block

to hear my soft verse hold them near

poetry is tough but then so is life

someday we work harder than we show

for now we have the freedom and the choice

to take life high and take life slow

some poets become musicians

some poets become teachers

some poets become bums

all poets enjoy life

and wasnt that what we all wanted.

Some Words

some words divide

like nation, race, religion and color

some words multiply

art, love ,sex, beauty

some words add up

calories, weight, debt

some words reduce

shame, pity, fear

some words hurt

good bye , farewell

some words heal

i love you too

some words bring peace

some words bring strife

they are only words

but they should be used with care


My Politics

I am fiscally conservative

Atleast I think so

I dont like paying taxes

and I dont like big government

But I am socially liberal

being male, I think I should just shut up

about contraceptives and abortion

Since I dont plan to get pregnant myself

and I wish all males shut up too

Leave some wars to be fought by the ladies alone

Let gays get married

Why should straight people suffer alone

The grass is always greener on the other side

Let them realize that!

But again I am conservative

When it comes to welfare

You see when I was growing up

Unemployment meant you dont get paid

Unless you get off your arse

and earn that bread

and I hope my kid better learns to earn his way

No such thing as a free lunch

No such thing as a always honest politician

I like Jesus Christ

But I sometime wonder about dem Christians

Would Christ be so hateful

Would he be liberal or would he vote conservative

Man I wish they had a poetical political  party

For people who just want to drink beer and watch the game

and I applaud the soldiers

but I deplore dem wars

Soldiers of the World strike

Why should you fight and die for politicians since time began

This is my politics

I am sorry if some parts offended you

But I wont take it back

Since I dont plan to run for any office anytime soon

The politics of common sense

the noble art of Live and Let Be

I must be the only one

who thinks like this

or maybe the only one

who would say it loud

Dear Glorious Leaders,

Cut the crap

Cut to the chase

Stop screwing the planet

Start screwing your committed partner for a change

and leave us alone

the voters, the ruled, the ones whom you care about

all we want to do

was drink beer and watch the game

or whatever we wished to watch except you talk



Perfect Rhyme

Sometimes I am out of line
when thinking of another rhyme
I try too much and think too hard
Sweat my brow to get the poetry start

Sometimes the rhythm comes on its own
My fingers a life tapping out a tune
Easy words flow into a smoother rhyme
These are the days I count my lucky time

Between getting stuck and getting a flow
I live my writing life on display and show
Hoping once more to amuse you this time
Maybe come up with the perfect rhyme

Chocolate Icecream

Chocolate Icecream

Can cure anything it seems

From lonely heart to broken heart

Amazing cure for a start

The best thing it seems was when mankind

Put chocolate and icecream together

Amazing invention and so useful too

Works well in fair and foul weather

Chocolate icecream

should be distributed for free

Especially to people who want to argue and fight

Out of historical necessity