Pretty Girl

I met a pretty girl today

So pretty I got tempted

but I told my heart to stay

Pretty girls are why

we are still wandering

in another fine mess today

Temptations lead you astray

But it is you yourself to blame

How to stay without losing the way

How to renouce pain and pleasure

Without turning into a stone

Or a dog without a bone

The universe knows my weakness

And it is a brand new conspiracy this day

My love for things to say

Pretty people can cause me to stray

Nope we will never go down that road again

Too little pleasure too much pain

All that time gone down the drain

Pretty girl go away

Find another pretty boy today

Things are best this way

Just the sparks within my brain

To keep me warm today

Its better than it sounds this way

Yeah baby yeah..

Author: Ajay Ohri

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