The Problem

John Edgar looked deep in the eyes of his Russian counterpart, Vlad Amir and said.” It seems we have a problem”.

“Well ,John “, said Vlad, puffing on his cigarette, ” When do we not have a problem?”

“No, this is something we dont know what to do with. There is this university professor who writes a blog. and he is just giving away all our operational secrets – even though he has no clue what we guys, really do?”, said John Edgar

“We guys? you mean the intel community or you mean the council on intra governmental cooperation?”, said Vlad.

” Well , both” sighed John E.

“He is a hacker turned professor with an above average knowledge about data mining and cyber conflict. and he is second guessing all our moves. Not only that- we have log files to prove that his not very popular blog- is actually used by cyber criminals to create counter strategies”. said John E.

and you cant take him out either, said John. Too many connections to too many people.

Think of him as the Osama Bin Laden for Anonymous. Zero Operational help. Total motivator.

” Well , that is a problem”, said Vlad. But if we got Osama, by paying off the Chinese , Saudis and one Pakistani, I am not sure why we cant solve this one too.

“Well”. John said.” We got budget cuts and an election year. Can you take care of him? We will make it up to you?”

and Vlad Amir finally smiled.” Yes, we know some crazy Indians”.

and that finally broke the ice.

-continued from

Author: Ajay Ohri

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