Bye Bye

It is true
Most of my waking moments
Were spent pondering over you

What is she doing now
Is it too late to call
What if she gets annoyed and makes me feel small

Any words I write any words I think
I run past an imaginary benchmark that is you
and just to add any liquids I may drink

When fire signs meet water steam shall rise
While opposites may attract
What keeps them together is lies

This is no longer fun
I have long ceased to have joy
But whenever I try and walk away, I find I have barely begun

To understand you and know your mind
Someday somewhere I hope to find
What made us special all that time

Author: Ajay Ohri

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye”

  1. Oh, wow (!!!), this a very powerful poem!! I especially like the line: “I run past an imaginary benchmark that is you”. And I like the toilet picture. If this poem is based on something that happened to you, I am sorry for the pain you endured. I hope that writing the poem brought you even a spark of healing.

  2. Nice one…very poignant. I enjoy your spare, clean verse, and straightforward style, it’s very engaging….you do tend to get a bit depressive, which I am sure is not comfortable for you, but I’m glad you have this outlet, so it doesn’t sit inside you and fester…keep on keeping on, young paduan….

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