Bye to my son

Today I sat with my lawyer

and wrote down the terms and conditions

Of the impeding divorce

between me and the mother of my son

The divorce had taken three years

thanks to my habit of giving

one more chance

to a relationship


So we agreed

I get my son for some hours a week

While I pay half of his expenses

Not much money

just a bit of heartbreak

If ever dear son

You wonder why your parents went split

Read these words, and understand

we still loved you a lot

Just couldnt stand fighting anymore

And I hope that when you grow up

in the  year 2030 or so

that people have discovered technology

that makes breakups and goodbyes

less painful than in 2012


Author: Ajay Ohri

18 thoughts on “Bye to my son”

  1. Very seldom when reading a poem do I make a fist and pump it in the air while grunting YES, YES, YES!

    Thank you for the opportunity to do that today during and also after reading this poem. I dig the real stuff man and this, more obvious than most, is heat felt and raw.

    I appreciate your candor. Thanks again for sharing. I send my thoughts for how you might be feeling through such severance and extreme difficulty that comes with the legalities of it all, although, I think YOU and I both know that no ones words or gestures can ever ease the misfortune of feeling our lives ripped right down the middle.

    Imagine the sound of paper tearing. No one can ease that.

    Rooting for you.

  2. Ajay…. my sympathy goes out to you; my own son is having the same sort of problems with his ex over custody. He too is only able to see his son a few hours each week, at least for the time being, and I do not get to see my only grandchild at all. Even as I write this, I am weeping for your son and you, and for myself and my son…. it is such a painful experience, it is hard to know how to deal with it. My own wife and I split up after 23 years, and though she made my life a living hell for a number of years, I still love the woman with whom I fell in love, so I understand trying to recapture what it was that you and she originally saw in each other….. best of luck, and may time serve to bring you and your son together more often…. take care younger brother…. there is still good out there for you to find; you just have to leave yourself open to see it…..take care, and keep on writing. It helps, I know….

  3. Been there. I can tell you for certain… all things happen for a reason. We may not know what they are, or why things do happen, but the optimist will always find something good, in time. I hope you are an optimist, and find some good in this.

  4. I’m sorry for your pain. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, a marriage just will not work. I hope you move forward and find new love and happiness. Most important is your child–to feel loved and secure no matter what is going on with the grown ups. xo

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