everyone I ever met
everything I ever knew
everyplace I ever went
everyday I spent with you

now they are gone from me
erased deleted eternity
leaving an empty space
everyday everyplace

every morning I get up again
everyday I swallow the pain
every word I ever write
every battle I continue to fight

now I must soldier on
heartbreak is poetic
we must move on

everything may give you a chance
every lover every romance
but just one life left to live
stop remembering, forget forgive

every night I dream of you
every morning I know dreams are not true
every evening I miss your smile
every time every while

every single word I just wrote
every single word you just read
was all I ever thought
Now it’s  over, that was all I got.

Author: Ajay Ohri


3 thoughts on “Every”

  1. Peace to you is a message we hear…
    as the eyes of a face close…
    the eye of Love enters a Heart.

    your poem is something which takes me into communion with my Father…thank you Ajay.

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