There is a lump in my throat

It wont disappear

It has been hurting

And now it’s causing fear

I drank some water

too cold too soon

and before I knew it

My throat was in a cocoon

after a couple of days

of hot water and aspirin

I had to go see a doctor

to take away the pain

say Ahh said the medic

said Ahh duly by me

throat is bad , take these two

And see after three days in between

Now I am all medicated

With a cough syrup up to boot

dreaming of cold beers in sunshine

sipping chai in meantime

Lump in my throat

is slowly backing down

hope is dissolves

before it breaks my resolve

so the past three days were wasted

without being wasted in the least

I was sober, wrapped up, in bed

thinking of my next feast

Author: Ajay Ohri

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