Got up in the morning
I was already late getting up
Went through my hygiene
Like a train without a stop

Caught the train
In the crowd
Late again
Watch the clock
Tick tick tock

Finally reached work
Fumbled through with the pleasantries
Switched on my computer screen
to discover the daily monstrosities

Ten things urgently need
to be answered at once
Sighing take my coffee mug
To the coffee machine

New girl in office
Must remember to say high
Back to work
Working as time flies

At lunch with my friend
While he chatters on
I spy the pretty girl
And manage to smile one

In the evening the pace
Slackens down
Work gets over
Things go winding down

Down the elevator
Bump into my pretty mysterious girl
Manage to ask her out
For a coffee sometime

That done, back to the train
I am pleased
Daily work Daily grind
But I achieved something today
At least in my mind

Author: Ajay Ohri

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