Fish in the sea

(a song)

sometimes when it comes to be

I am wasted beyond eternity

reminiscent of my dating history

I ask my friends what’s wrong with me

the cliched answer inevitably

lots of fish out in the sea

beyond the obvious absurdity

of comparing chicks to fish, as it seems to me

i nod and think and seem to agree

there are many more fish out there for me

which fish would it be

who would settle down with me

which provokes a chuckle if put mildly

to my friends general hilarity

to catch the fish in the sea

you need to deal more practically

go out and be more seen

in places of genuine feminine density

instead I resort to mild poetry

to wish my troubles far from me

so many fish in the sea

for now I am gonna let them be

write alone happily

than be a fool fishing in the rough sea

Author: Ajay Ohri

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