Poète de Nuit

if you like me

like to write

only to rediscover

at times by fright

we write our best

when we write at night

then you are welcome

to join our gang

nocturnal as owls

these literary pangs

some people get up

to raid the fridge

some get up to write

one more ink smudge

I am one of the latter

though I can do both

eat and write

live like a goat

a bit loony

climbing impossible places

these nocturnal wanderings

these dang intellectual phases

Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “Poète de Nuit”

  1. I’m one of those who unfortunately is not an insomniac and I like sleep. I wake up early in the morning when everything is still quiet. I like to watch the sun rise, and drink coffee while I write. Not a big foodie while I write. I enjoyed your poem and how you capture an artist’s ways.

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