God Bless America

( a satire on stereotypes )

driving your SUV to the mall

swiping your plastic cards to wasteful consumption

needlessly arguing abortion, gay marriage,evolution

(which the rest of world doesnt care)

and your soldiers fight across seven seas

for oil and revenge and pride and yes freedom too

too many toys to amuse

too little toys to teach

too much sex too little romance

bad and expensive education

good but more expensive pharma

unpredictable crime

unwelcome to legal educated immigrants


God Bless You

But grow up fast


Author: Ajay Ohri


4 thoughts on “God Bless America”

      1. the poem mocks the stereo types as well as those few people who tarnish the entire nice country by indulging in recklessly selfish behavior. i lived in the US (TN) for a year. loved it.its nothing like the stereotypes!

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