Hungry Games

Graphs and Numbers

Words and Tags

Tools and Code

The arrows in my quiver

As I take part

in a grown up version

of The Hungry Games

Every day in real life

Hungry Games have a simple rule

You have to be faster

than your competition

at earning your daily bread

or stay hungry

Winner takes bacon home

Losers die in the line to welfare

Hungry games are here to stay

Because the 1% need to watch

the 99% play games

to ensure the 1% remain 1%

on the top not the bottom

Hungry games

Lines to work

There is a lot

of money to be made

In keeping the planet

half hungry half fed

and undermining the

predictability of the perception

of where your next good

meal is going to come from

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Hungry Games”

  1. The 99% have the ability to compel change. They choose not to, as it requires a small degree of sacrifice or inconvenience, by all, not just a handful. So many put their personal interests or desires before what is best for all, living in the today, not looking ahead to our tomorrow.

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