My Politics

I am fiscally conservative

Atleast I think so

I dont like paying taxes

and I dont like big government

But I am socially liberal

being male, I think I should just shut up

about contraceptives and abortion

Since I dont plan to get pregnant myself

and I wish all males shut up too

Leave some wars to be fought by the ladies alone

Let gays get married

Why should straight people suffer alone

The grass is always greener on the other side

Let them realize that!

But again I am conservative

When it comes to welfare

You see when I was growing up

Unemployment meant you dont get paid

Unless you get off your arse

and earn that bread

and I hope my kid better learns to earn his way

No such thing as a free lunch

No such thing as a always honest politician

I like Jesus Christ

But I sometime wonder about dem Christians

Would Christ be so hateful

Would he be liberal or would he vote conservative

Man I wish they had a poetical political  party

For people who just want to drink beer and watch the game

and I applaud the soldiers

but I deplore dem wars

Soldiers of the World strike

Why should you fight and die for politicians since time began

This is my politics

I am sorry if some parts offended you

But I wont take it back

Since I dont plan to run for any office anytime soon

The politics of common sense

the noble art of Live and Let Be

I must be the only one

who thinks like this

or maybe the only one

who would say it loud

Dear Glorious Leaders,

Cut the crap

Cut to the chase

Stop screwing the planet

Start screwing your committed partner for a change

and leave us alone

the voters, the ruled, the ones whom you care about

all we want to do

was drink beer and watch the game

or whatever we wished to watch except you talk



Author: Ajay Ohri

12 thoughts on “My Politics”

  1. Thanks gigoid. I am trying to change myself too not just the blog. By being more friendly to people who care about me and giving the world a chance to love me before I judge and condemn them

    Life is good. I had a good year and I have an exciting year coming up

      1. Right you are in that, my friend. As for Jesus, he would have been Ralph Nader, or George Cariin, or maybe both… never a politician of either party…


      2. I’ve been right here, at least once a day, spewing the dross and drivel that builds up in my mind… and trying to avoid the aging process’s painful advances… and trying to avoid being spied on by my government, while trying not to listen to all the Christmas commercialism inundating the Net and media channels…. In all, I’m enjoying retirement…

        How have you been? I notice you changed your site’s look and title; I like the new look….

        Good to hear from you, I’ll try to get by more often, my pain keeps me from very much surfing, or internet time beyond posting my blog, & answering comments…

        Take care, my friend…


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