Shrewd Poet Society

deeply addicted to poetry

my friends think I am crazy nice, see

they think when i write about words loud

my head is sailing above the clouds

my dear poets are shrewder than you think

they just pretend as they blink

hem and hee and dont tell you how

they have an inside edge on the emotional wow

so you may be an architect and YOU may be a doctor

while I may be the bum that nurses my beer

when it comes to women they line up round the block

to hear my soft verse hold them near

poetry is tough but then so is life

someday we work harder than we show

for now we have the freedom and the choice

to take life high and take life slow

some poets become musicians

some poets become teachers

some poets become bums

all poets enjoy life

and wasnt that what we all wanted.

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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