excuse me Professor

but did you just make

a sweeping generalization

of a particular color, nation or people

based upon the few incidents

you had with a few of “them”

but would you agree

it is quite absurd

to paint millions of “them”

with the same brush

based upon , let’s see

twenty or less incidents

or encounters or experiences.

“they” are like that only

shouldnt that come with a

statuary warning

caveat emptor-

listener beware

inadequate sample size

used for making a big

assumption and projection

of internal biases

on “them’

Author: Ajay Ohri

6 thoughts on “Them”

  1. Ajay… I sure like whatever connection closed inside you in the last month; your poetry has grown significantly better over that time, in relation to what came before, and in a good direction…. this is a good one, well said…..

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