Gun Story

one day a sad but once proud man

walked into  a small grocery store

paid in cash for a semi-automatic gun

his background check came fine

no one asked him

sir, why do you need a gun

it’s not like he asked for a credit card

then he would have faced more questions

he bought the gun and also bought

some ammunition

no one asked him

why so many bullets

it is in the constitution you see

to have a well armed militia

where militia means

any human with a gun or rifle

so the sad but proud man

walked into a crowded place

killed and shot many people

because the gun was cheaper than his medication

and everyone said

gun rights have to be respected

some people criticized something called NR-hey

but the politicians kind of ducked and sat that one out

yes, that sure

but my mother would ask them

to wash their mouth with soap

before they sat for dinner that day


Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “Gun Story”

  1. We have pretty strong gun (and knife) laws in the UK. Unfortunately we still get mass shootings, gang shootings, indiscriminate killings. People just get guns on the black market. I don’t know why, though even if I did I suspect no-one in a position to do anything bout it would listen.

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