My Struggle

Born sick with pneumonia

Barely survived only to grow

Injury prone and fight prone

Good grades at school

Were the only option

to corporal punishment

Unhappy childhood, boy I am

glad when it was over

Shipped off to soldier school

Based on a slight misunderstanding

Shipped back bent and broken

Off to tech school and then to

Business Management studies

Unhappy education though I aced it

I was happier on the soccer field.

Jobs and companies

Switched Annually

Married got a house and then a kid

Divorced sold the mortgage and then  some

Blew money on living and travelling

and blowing up more chances to redeem myself

Wrote poetry and wrote some books

Mediocre in successively success and failure

Here I am looking back again

Trying not to kill myself

Through laziness and boredom alone

Image-Otto Dix ,1921


Author: Ajay Ohri

5 thoughts on “My Struggle”

  1. The candid nature of your writing pulls me in. In my estimation, you’ve done very well. Keep on being strong dear. After all, our struggles often make us stronger. May the future unveil peace and bountiful joy in your favour 🙂

  2. Ajay…..Younger brother…. be strong. First, you are not alone. Second, you are not lazy; you may feel so, but your life says differently. And boredom is a choice… to be bored you must admit you don’t like what is in your own head, and that is under your complete control, so, if you are bored, then stop it, and do something else… this poem is a good start at that….

    I don’t like to hear you thinking of taking the easy way out, because you have someone who, though not a part of your life now, will certainly need you at some point in his life, and you must be there when that time comes…. it is, as you know, your duty…. and I also know, from your poems, that you have within you the joy and strength to carry you through life; you just need to stay in touch with that part of yourself….

    As I’ve said recently, your poems are continually improving, as this one shows…. let that convince you of this….. Just as things are not now as they once were, so in the future things will be different than they are now….. Blessed Be my friend, and be well….

  3. You are such a strong man, you have been through so much, I can sympathize and empathize with you til I am blue in the face. You know your worth, you KNOW YOUR WORTH>! Keep on trudging on a tad longer all will be well. It has to be because that is what I tell myself!! 😀 xx

  4. I admire the honesty in your poetry. There is an honesty mixed with plain speak, and I mean that in a good way. Carl Sandburg is one of my favorite poets. He did not seek to write fancy pen scrawl. He wrote what was real. I think you reach into the soul. I try to do that too, but in fiction and nonfiction. Great post!

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