Voice in my head

I was sleeping in my bed

When a voice I long ago thought was dead

Cried softly within my head

Wake up, there are still things to be said

Before anyone else should point, now I know

I had been taking it slow

Been down and out, I have been living down low

Hoping to start bouncing once I reach the pits below

Fuck this life and the misery I hold

Screw the self pity and let the beauty unfold

Humping my depression A new life I am told

Love the magical story you are sold

Says the voice now creeping softly

In my ear in almost inaudible frequency

Pipe down braveheart tread on these rocks gently

Lest you fall and break that pretty nose instantly

First you must

uncurb your lust

Pretty women can cure

(and not just cause) your mood

When approached over the drinks counter

dont be rude

Then stop telling everyone your sorry tale

How you tried, cried and the relationship failed

Moving on has much more than letting it go

When in doubt dont fall so low

Try and play once more

The silly game

Hi, How are you doing

And What’s your  name

Author: Ajay Ohri


One thought on “Voice in my head”

  1. Everyone in life has fallen some way or another…bring before the seat, be faithful in the fact that he is love and will forgive when you return repentent. King David did everything and then some, but God counted his faith as rightousness, and called him a man after his own heart! Each time he failed, he recognized it and brought it to God for he realized that is who he sinned against. God forgave him each time! He will you too and as you see you are growing inside…let it go,you have a lot more to give to those with the talent that you have to God and all in the world. You can be an example. I fell many times in my 59 years but i know that God loves me because he has always listened to my prayers. Not a saint, not perfect, but one who recognizes that why i am in the flesh i will slip, fall and do things i should not do, but thank God for Christ and his saving grace! Have a wonderful day and i love your read!

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