A Day in the Life of being Ordinary

get up read newspaper

go back to nap

get up again

bathe breakfast

hit the metro train

reach the library

read books, surf internet

or just shamelessly observe people

come back home

lunch is late

but nap is okay

evening walk

observe the fat people

trying to be thin

come back

off to swim

back home a shower

and oil rub


then time to write

did I write a poem

a blog post

a part of my book today

did I answer all my mail

yes I did

somedays we pray

somedays we porn

then the day is over

and we shall sleep

to do this again


Author: Ajay Ohri


One thought on “A Day in the Life of being Ordinary”

  1. The best part about tomorrow you have time to sleep on today and wake up resolute to continue the status quo or to move on in a new direction for a more adventurous or docile life; or to choose any of the many shades of gray in between the extremes. With liberty comes responsiblility and no responsibility is more important than the one requiring one to take care of oneself as a primary.

    In my view, If one really wants to improve society, then one has to start by sharing with society one’s best self.

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