The beer moment of truth

Sometimes, about once a week

I am alone with my beer

and my spicy peanut masala with onion

and cold beer enhanced with some cubes

I remember that I used to have

much less money more lot time

much less worries more lot buddies

when I was younger

sure I wasnt wiser

and I didnt really realize

those days were good

and these days are good too

that I realize

because sure as hell,

I wont make the same mistake twice

of letting the moment go by

as this brain realizes

what could be in future

what could have been in the past

no my dear

I have been here before

so now let me

enjoy my beer, my game, my poem

as worldwide

my invisible friends whom I may never meet

like me for my poetry

even though no one near me

yet cant  stand the personality

if you cant stand me

you will never understand me

trust me on this

I am much better when I have had a beer


Author: Ajay Ohri

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